About us

About Happycall - Since 1999

Find a durable, reliable and healthy non-stick cookware in Australia. Happycall is your answer.

Super tough, non-stick surface that can withstand scratching. The material can withstand 300 degrees (refer to video demonstration). Happycall's IH Vacuum Pot can heat up 3 times faster than an iron pot. It is unbreakable and water tight.

Happycall developed the first double-sided frying pan to the world, and has since been making efforts to develop products with unique functions and provide the highest quality.

We have about 300 patents are applied and 58 patents, 62 utility models, 89 designs, and 73 trademarks are registered.

Happycall is an innovative cookware brand that maintains high quality. Happycall developed the first double-sided frying pan and has since contributed  products with unique functions and high quality, such as the Diamond Frying Pan, the IH Vacuum Pot and more Happycall has strict principles for its production process. Happycall has its own research and development centre.

All products are made in Korea.